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Vwaza Marsh Game Reserve is situated in the north-west of Malawi, just south of Nyika Plateau. In complete contrast to Nyika, Vwaza is a largely flat reserve, comprised of open plains, wetlands and mopane and miombo woodland, except at its eastern perimeter where it joins with the hills of Nyika.

Vwaza’s wetlands sustain a rich variety of animal and birdlife, not just within the confines of the reserve but far beyond it, as the waters that flow through Nyika and into Vwaza also feed the Luangwa Valley in neighbouring Zambia. The game, which wanders freely between Malawi and Zambia, consists of large herds of buffalo and elephant as well as roan, impala, bushbaby, eland and Lichtenstein’s hartebeest. Predators are few in number though lion, leopard and hyena can be seen. Lake Kazuni is home to large pods of hippo and also attracts many water birds. Otherwise the area is dry and hot and surrounded by dense African bush.

In and around Vwaza Marsh Game Reserve, Malawi
Currently the only way to experience this fabulous reserve is as part of a mobile safari, usually combined with a stay in one of the fixed camps in Nyika. However there are plans to open a safari camp in Vwaza Marsh in the near future.