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Nyika National Park is the oldest and largest park in Malawi. It boasts spectacular scenery with blankets of wildflowers and more than 200 species of orchid, while it has an incredible diversity of wildlife. The Nyika National Park is situated on a scenic 2000m plateau offering breathtaking views of Lake Malawi as well as the expanse of the northern country.

Nyika National Park is characterised by scenic mountain landscapes and endless grasslands. Four rivers originate on the plateau and flow down into the surrounding forests creating beautiful waterfalls. Highlights in the park include the Juniper Forest, a particular area in the national park where a forest reserve has been proclaimed to protect the Juniperus procera, the southernmost species of the tree in Africa.

Another highlight is Jalawe rock which offers a spectacular viewpoint. The rock consists of a single piece of granite that stands out from the plateau with an incredible sheer drop of hundreds of meters on three sides.