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The Shire Highlands is a 7 300 sq km plateau situated in southern Malawi, east of the Shire River. It is bound by the Shire River valley in the north west and south west. Its average elevation of 610m to 1 220m rises to more than 2 750m in the Mulanje Mountains. It is an important agricultural area in Malawi, while Thyolo Mountain is the most prominent feature of the Shire Highlands and a great location for bird watchers.

The Thyolo district is undeniably the most picturesque region of Malawi and forms the heart of Malawi’s tea producing region. The area is characterised by rolling hills of beautiful lush, green plantations and some of the oldest estates in the country, including the Satemwa Tea Estate, which is where our recommended accommodation is.

The area offers spectacular views of Mount Mulanje and the Lower Shire valley to the west. The mild climate of the Shire Highlands makes it the ideal holiday destination. Visitors can experience a time from a bygone era with its colonial flair and diverse scenery and magical sunsets.

Situated in southern Malawi and east of the Shire River, the Highlands is a large plateau covering approximately 7 300 sq km. It is located between the town of Blantyre and the Zomba Plateau.

The huge, isolated Malunje Massif claims the longest sheer rock face in Africa and is irresistible to rock climbers. We recommend our experienced climber guests give it a try.

Nearby, the vast forests, tumbling waterfalls, and placid lakes of the Zomba Plateau offer visitors activities such as angling at the trout farm and horse riding.

Be overcome by the picturesque green plantations and some of the oldest estates in the country, many producing tea for export, but not before offering visitors a taste, of course.